Some elected officials ‘disappointed’ with Franklin Co. Republican Party ad

Democrats dispute republican ad

BENTON, Ill. (KFVS) - A recent political ad is raising a lot of eyebrows.

The Franklin County Republican Party sent out a flier saying Democrats want to legalize methamphetamine. President Chairman Jim Kerley said the local ad is based off comments from the Republican National Convention.

One of the names on the ad is Jim Muir. He’s the Franklin County circuit clerk and a Republican.

“When I saw the ad after it came out, and my name attached to it, um, I was very disappointed and I’m, I’m a little bit upset about it.”

Muir was so upset that he called his Democratic friends to say he had nothing to do with the ad.

“I don’t agree with some of the um, um, the bullet points that were established in this," he said.

That feeling is mutual for Illinois 5th District Appellate Court Judge Judy Cates. She’s a Democrat and one of the unmentioned targets of the ad.

“It’s a stain on the judiciary, this particular flier, where not only does it contain false information but cast people in a very poor light," she said.

Cates said she hopes the people of Franklin County question what’s going on with the ad.

“To make wild acclaims that you know are false is just a service to the American people and more importantly it’s a disservice to the people of southern Illinois and the 37 counties were going to represent," she said.

Cates' opponent, David Overstreet, also appeared on the add. She said the ad presents problems, especially in a judicial race.

“One of the problems I have with this particular flier is that we as judges are bound by a professional code of ethics," she said.

Muir said the ad is clearly an outlandish statement.

“They made a mistake here and I think you just need to pick yourself up and grab by the bootstraps and pull yourself up and go again.”

Muir also said he could not be silent on being on this ad, for which some of the points he does not agree with.

“Silence is saying that I agree or that I condone the flier that went out and I do not.”

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