2 accused of breaking into pool business, swimming naked in pool

Skinny dipping investigation

PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) - Police responded to an alarm call around 12:57 a.m. on Tuesday, September 22 and found a woman, nearly naked, inside the business and a naked man in a swimming pool outside.

Samantha Lynn Campbell, 30, was arrested on charges of third-degree burglary and alcohol intoxication, and on a warrant charging her with failure to appear.

Anthony Ray Lamoureaux, 50, was arrested on charges of alcohol intoxication and second-degree criminal trespassing.

Police say a security company called them and said an alarm was sounding at Aloha Pools and Spa on Park Plaza Road. The company had called the business and said a woman named “Samantha” had answered the phone, and that she sounded anxious.

A representative of Aloha Pools and Spa told dispatchers no one should be inside the business at that hour.

When police responded, they found the front doors open and saw a woman inside the business, wearing only a bra. Officers said the woman, identified as Samantha Campbell, was not speaking logically and was intoxicated.

She had allegedly destroyed computers and other items in the business.

Outside the business, police found a man, identified as Anthony Lamoureux, naked in an above-ground swimming pool inside a fenced-in area.

They said Lamoureux, who was also intoxicated, told officers he, Campbell and another woman had been drinking at an area bar and drove to the business after the bar closed. He showed officers where he had entered the fenced-in area through a hole in the fence.

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