Heartland library starts Fall Gardening for Kids program

Heartland library starts Fall Gardening for Kids program

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - The Riverside Regional Library in Jackson is having a virtual Fall Gardening Class for Kids program.

This program is to help teach kids about gardening and understand the foods and nutrition that goes into their body.

Ann Knight works with the Family Nutrition Education Program through the University of Missouri Extension Service and has partnered with the library to teach the students about gardening at the library via a virtual program for kids.

Knight says it’s important for children to get outside, get some exercise and learn about healthy plants and how to keep your body healthy as well.

“We need to be eating all these foods from ‘Choose My Plate’ everyday,” Knight said. “And those dark leafy greens are very important to eat every day. The reds, the yellows, the oranges, the fruits and vegetables. You’re plate should look like that.”

Activity packets for gardening are available at the Riverside Regional Libraries at each location in Perry, Cape Girardeau and Scott Counties.

The video of the gardening program is available to watch on the Riverside Regional Library Facebook page and their YouTube channel.

They also plan on having a show for the adults starting later this month as well.

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