Daycares filling up across the Heartland causes challenges for parents

Parents struggling to find daycares

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - A large number of daycares could be closed due to the pandemic.

It’s a problem across the country and here in the Heartland as well.

Parents are finding long waiting lists when it comes to finding childcare.

“It’s just really a big struggle with us having to go to work to sustain our household,” Nik Hess said.

Nik Hess and his wife are facing a dilemma: Finding childcare for their unborn daughter.

“We’re on about 7 to 8 lists but all of those lists by the time they would get to our daughters name, she wouldn’t need infant care anymore,” Hess said.

Tina Price said she thinks some daycares might be closed temporarily which could have something to do with the high demand.

“People were scrambling and searching for places to put their children because of course they have to go back to work too,” Price said.

Tina and her daughter are opening a new daycare next month. Tiny Tots, like other daycares has a waiting list.

“So we’re hoping to help relieve some of that by getting some of those children who are on waiting lists at other facilities and hopefully we can get them into our facility,” Price said.

The waiting list for infants is growing. They can only take eight at a time.

“I hate turning away anybody but we have to follow the state rules,” Price said.

She said her daycare is limited to 60 kids and is filling up fast, which makes it challenging for parents looking for childcare during a pandemic.

Recently the CARES Act, the federal emergency assistance, provided three-and-a-half billion dollars for early child care and development.

Advocates say 50 billion dollars is actually needed.

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