Goat takes over deputy’s patrol car, eats her paperwork

‘Get out. Go. C’mon’

Goat takes over deputy’s patrol car, eats her paperwork
A Georgia deputy sheriff learns a lesson about leaving her patrol car open when a goat hops in and starts snacking on her paperwork.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. (Gray News) – A Georgia deputy sheriff learned a lesson about what happens when you don’t shut your patrol car door.

After serving civil papers at a home, she returned to her vehicle to find a goat happily munching on a stack of paperwork in her front seat.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office posted the video on its official Facebook page.

“Get out. Go. C’mon,” the deputy said, swatting at the critter who wasn’t interested in moving.

Warning: This story contains a video with mild cursing

The deputy ran back and forth from one side of the patrol car to the other, trying to get the goat to move and stop eating her large stack of paperwork.

“Get out. Get out,” she implored, growing more exasperated, but still laughing at herself at the same time.

In the end, the deputy got her goat and saved most of the paperwork.

Warning: Video contains mild cursing

Deputy leaves patrol car door open, goat eats paperwork

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