People in the community hold unofficial Highway 61 Yard Sale

Individuals planning yard sales, despite cancellation

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - If you head out on highway 61 over the next few days, you might see quite a few yard sales.

Early last month the Highway 61 Yard Sale organizers canceled the event due to the pandemic, but that’s not stopping some from decluttering.

The Highway 61 Yard Sale is nothing new for seller Judy Zeschke.

“We had the trailer pack and we didn’t do the 100-mile yard sale this year and we were just ready to get out and sell some,” she said.

And this year things will be a little different.

Organizers of the official yard sale called it off due to concerns about spreading COVID-19.

But the cancellation is not stopping avid sellers this year.

“We had decided not to and the guy that owns the nursery called us and told us there was still going to be several set up if we wanted to,” she said.

Zeschke said even though she is participating, she is taking precautions to stay healthy.

“Well yeah, there’s concern. Hopefully, people will wear their mask and we will as well,” she said.

Down 61 into Fruitland, Gary Golightly is setting up shop in his front yard.

“It’s hard to have a yard sale when nobody else is cause nobody like to drive that far out of town, but when you have 61 miles of yard sale you get a lot of people coming though,” he said.

Golightly said he’s less concerned about the crowds at an outdoor event.

“You’re outside in the air, you’re not cooped up in a stagnant apartment breathing in the same air. You know, you’re outside,” he said.

KFVS reached out the official organizers of the yard sale about the many people still participating and they said they don’t have any thoughts on it. But they did say “we honestly don’t know what the right decision is, so we are erring on the side of caution.”

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