Ky. man arrested for arson, burglary

Ky. man arrested for arson, burglary
Douglas Relfe, 52 of Hickory, Ky., was arrested on arson and burglary charges on Tuesday, Sept. 1. (Source: Graves County Jail)

MAYFIELD, Ky. (KFVS) - Camera footage led police to a suspect in an arson investigation in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Douglas Relfe, 52 of Hickory, was arrested on Tuesday, Sept. 1 in connection to fire at a building on Housman Street.

Police said camera footage from a nearby location showed Refle park his truck at the building, kick in the front door, steal some items from inside and set the building on fire before driving away in his truck with the stolen items.

After arresting Refle at his home, police said the stolen items from the building were found in the back of Refle’s truck.

Refle was book into the Graves County Jail on burglary 3rd degree and arson 3rd degree charges.

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