New ways to vote in person in Illinois

New ways to vote in person

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. (KFVS) - Election day is quickly approaching. Many people across the country are considering voting by mail, or actually wait in line.

Jackson County in southern Illinois has multiple ways to vote in person. County Clerk Frank L. Byrd wanted as many people to get out and vote as possible.

“I want to make sure every taxpayer every voter in this county gets to actually vote,” he said.

Byrd has many ways for the people of Jackson County to vote, one of them is curbside.

“Curbside voting is for the individuals that don’t want to come in the courthouse,” he said. “We’ll take an election judge from each party and they’ll go out and help this person vote.”

Another way is a vote center.

“Is where anyone in the county can come and vote and then we’ll have an election worker call their traditional polling place and tell them jane or john doe voted and they’ll take them off the rolls so there’s no confusion,” Byrd explained.

Jackson County resident Eric Arnold talked about whether or not he will stand in line to vote, or vote by mail.

“I don’t think there’s any difference in just voting in person, just as long as you are safe about it and clean about it,” he said.

Arnold said you just need to come prepared, that may include hand sanitizer and mask and gloves if need be.

As many people from across the county will come into vote, election officials must deal with the general public. Safety is a top priority, said County Clerk Byrd.

“I’ve purchased face shields for all of the election workers, so that each of the polling places they can have the shield and the mask, I purchased gloves, hand sanitizer,” he said.

Election officials will also wipe down high-touch surfaces to keep voters safe.

Lines are expected to be longer than normal due to social distancing. Byrd also said all traditional polling places will be open.

He mentioned that they have not had any issues with people not being able to help out with the election.

“So, we haven’t had anybody cancel,” he said. “We’ve actually had people that are calling us wanting to work on the elections.”

Something new the county is doing, is also a ballot retrieval box.

Byrd said it will be under 24-hour surveillance and instead of dropping your ballot in the mail, you can drop it in on the west side of the courthouse.

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