SEMO students help bring in sales to businesses

SEMO students help bring in sales to businesses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Now that SEMO students have moved back in and are in classes, they also are bringing a boost of economy for area businesses as well.

We talked with numerous businesses in Downtown Cape Girardeau who said they have seen more students come through their business and buy items.

Business owners we spoke with said this is definitely welcome after the hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic everyone is facing.

“As we were getting closer to this month and this time of people coming back to school, it was a little unnerving thinking are people actually going to come back, are they going to be shopping and are they going to be out,” Annie Em’s at Home Owner Emilie Buelow said. “So I’m very thankful that people are out and about and coming in to see us.”

We saw students in many businesses downtown including Eden Spa and Salon, where a student was purchasing a gift card.

The owner there said they’ve seen many students coming through their doors lately.

“We love SEMO and that’s why we offer a partnership with them and we offer discounts, because, we see how valuable the local university is to the local economy,” Eden Health Spa and Salon Owner Sarah Kilpela said. “Not only are they putting money into our business, but restaurants, Cargo and things like that. It’s great for the whole area.”

One student we spoke with is a Senior at Southeast Missouri University. He said he lives in Cape Girardeau and has seen foot traffic increase a lot lately.

“We usually go to the different shops and stuff. My girlfriend likes to shop a lot and she comes down from St. Louis,” Jamie Wiseman said. “I live here when school’s not in and this who strip is not full of cars like it is now.”

Store clerks we spoke with also are still following the mask mandate and making sure their store is following social distancing guidelines and are also equipped with sanitation items.

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