September’s full moon comes early in the month

We’ll get a blue moon in October

Phases of the moon

(Gray News) – September’s full moon makes its bow early in the new month, setting the stage for a rare Halloween blue moon.

The corn moon rises Tuesday evening, reaching its peak Wednesday morning at 1:22 a.m. ET, NASA says.

“Historically, some Native Americans gave a name to each month’s full Moon, naming it in relation to a natural event or sign of the season. This aided them in tracking the progression of the year,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The corn moon traditionally corresponds with the time Native Americans harvested the crop.

In Europe, this full moon is called the fruit moon, as several fruits ripen this time of year. Another name for it is the barley moon, which, like corn, is harvested this time of year.

Viewing conditions for the full moon will depend on the weather and skies in your area. The moon will look full a day before and after it’s peak.

October will have two full moons.

The harvest moon will rise on Oct. 1 and the hunter’s moon, which is also a rare blue moon, will peak on Halloween.

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