45,978 total coronavirus cases reported in Kentucky

45,978 total coronavirus cases reported in Kentucky
Gov. Andy Beshear gives update on coronavirus cases, response in Kentucky

KENTUCKY. (KFVS) - As of 4 p.m. August 27, Gov. Beshear stated that there were at least 45,978 COVID-19 cases in Kentucky.

775 were newly reported Thursday, 130 are from children ages 18 and younger. The youngest was a two month old.

“We’re tracking again about what we’ve seen the last several weeks,” said Gov. Beshear. “Did you ever think we’d be to the point where 775 wouldn’t sound abnormal? It means that we do have to push to have fewer cases, but it does show that we are doing a lot of testing.”

Beshear also reported eight new deaths, raising the total to 910.

The deaths reported Thursday include an 89-year-old woman from McCracken County.

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