Marshall Co., Ky. schools get resource officers

Every school to have resource officer

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - Public schools across Marshall County, Kentucky will be even safer this school year, as each will have a school resource officer on the premises throughout the day.

“I hired folks that will take a bullet for your child,” said Sheriff Eddie McGuire, who wants to make sure Marshall County stays prepared for anything that might happen at the schools.

“I don’t want anyone to ever question one of our officers, did they hesitate to go in. If anything, they’ll go in to early before their trained to,” he said.

Benton Elementary Principal Lorrie Shadowen said they are excited to have a full-time officer in their school.

“Our faculty and staff are 110 percent behind our school resource officer,” she said. “They have taken him in as part of our team.”

She said was glad officers will be on the premises at all times.

“It gives us a sense of security,” she said. “It gives our students a sense of security.”

McGuire said more resource officers were needed after the tragedy that took place three years ago.

“Yeah, 2018 was life changing for every citizen, every kid, every parent in Marshall County,” McGuire said.

That’s when a school shooter from Marshall County took the lives of two students. Now, each school in the county has its very own school resource officer to increase school safety.

“We went from one to five in 2018,” he said. “And then we went from five to eight. Now, we’ve pushed to 11.”

Now each schools officer can protect the students.

“Not only the safety, but you are building that relationship with children of young ages,” he said. “Especially, with elementary schools.”

McGuire warned that each resource officer has more than 10 years of police experience as certified deputy. Therefore, they are not security guards.

“And if you plan on trying to harm one of our kids, then you need to be prepared to face the consequences,” he said.

Marshall County School resource officers have been at the schools all week in preparation for scheduled classes, which start Wednesday morning.

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