Cape Girardeau Public Schools kick off first day of school

Class begins at Cape Girardeau Schools

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau students faced a new normal as they returned to class Monday morning, but school leaders say thankfully, some things did not change.

“You know you can’t see the smile under their mask, but you can see the smizing,” said Dr. Neil Glass, superintendent.

Masks, social distancing and temperature checks are just a few new things to this school year. But superintendent Dr. Glass said those protocols didn’t change the first day of school mood.

“Everybody seems excited very optimistic happy to be here, happy to have school back open and I’m just excited for all of them,” he said.

Glass said like every first day there’s always things to fix.

“There have been a few things that we need to work on polish, tweak, if you will, but for the most part it’s been going really, really well everybody is following the new procedures,” he said.

And with the new virtual learning too.

“The online learning is a different beast and so we’ve had some issues with the device connecting, students logging in, we’ve had scheduling issues. So, we are working through all that,” he said.

Barbara Blanchard Elementary Principal Barbara Kohlfeld said the students are adapting well.

“It’s just a few minor protocols that we are going to do to try to keep everybody healthy, but the children just fall into line and they are fine with doing things a different way,” she said.

Kohlfeld said despite the changes, this is a start to a great school year.

“I think the kids, well I know they are extremely happy to be back and we are just going to the best we can and just hit the ground running and excel to the levels that we always have with just a few added protocols regarding health and wellness,” she said.

Glass said he wants parents to know while student safety comes first, they are also focused on their futures.

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