SEMO coaches, athletes react to postponed seasons

SEMO coaches, athletes react to postponed seasons

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -Due to the coronavirus, many college athletes watched their seasons end before they even got started this fall.

SEMO coaches and players are coping with the change.

"It's hard when its being taken from you and you can't really do anything about it, especially cause we're not really allowed to be using facilities right now either," Laney Malloy said.

Senior, Laney Malloy's final volleyball season is delayed. She said talking to her teammates helps her cope.

"As a team we've just been leaning on each other a lot because we're a very close-knit team," Malloy said.

Her coach, Julie Yankus said she meets with her players one on one to check up on them.

"They know that I'm here for them to listen to them and understand their concerns and sometimes they just need an outlet to vent," Yankus said.

Head football coach, Tom Matukewicz said he also meets with his players and made a special effort to include their parents.

"I sent a video to their parents so again I could communicate with them and at a time like this we have to be world class communicators because when there's a void of communication what fills that void is fear and doubt," Matukewicz said.

Yankus said she's using this free time to focus in on her players' techniques.

"We talked a lot about watching video, we watched it together, tried to learn the game, trying to find that silver lining of how can I still become a better Volleyball player without being in the gym and playing with my teammates," Yankus said.

While both coaches don’t know what the future holds, they say they hope to have their seasons in the spring.

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