Carbondale community leaders call for an end to violence after Monday’s shooting

A call for change

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Carbondale community leaders are hoping for a change in the neighborhood after Monday evening’s shooting.

The President of Women for Change, Ginger Rye, said she’s heartbroken after hearing the news about 43-year-old Jamonte Allison.

“My heart is very heavy,” Rye said, “We all have to do our part because it’s going to take a community to turn this thing around.”

She and other community leaders are brainstorming ways to end the gun violence.

“It’s like a cancer, all of this violence and shooting, and it divides, and kills and destroys the community.”

Rye is calling on the local law enforcement to be more proactive, more community policing, more cameras in the neighborhood, and even holding accountable everyone and herself.

“We have to look at ourselves, maybe we did something wrong,” Rye said. “Maybe we didn’t pass on the next generation how important community and how valuable and precious.”

Pastor Burke Cawthon is the leader of Faith Temple COGIC.

“We as faith based organization, we got to get busy, we got to do a little bit more,” she said. “Go into the community.”

On Monday evening, Pastor Cawthon and other concerned pastors gathered at Attucks Park and prayed for children, school administrators and simply the community.

Minutes later after that prayer event, the shooting happened.

“When things like that happen, I regret that our young men, young women, people in general are taking lives instead of trying to talk it out,” she said.

Rye stated, “It’s going to take a village to solve this problem. It’s just not one person that need to do what is right, we all need to do what’s right.”

Rye said she sends her condolences to the family of the victim, and hopes for better days.

“I just want to say that we love you and one thing about Carbondale, we will pull together, we will get through this.”

According to Rye, HUD put in surveillance cameras back in March near the Eurma Hayes Center. Since then, she said there’s been little to no activity around the center. Rye is hoping more cameras can be installed.

Meanwhile, police in Carbondale are still trying to find the person responsible for Monday’s deadly shooting on Robert A. Stalls Avenue.

Police are looking for two vehicles in connection to the investigation: a dark colored SUV and a black, four-door Dodge Charger.

If you think you have information that could help, you’re urged to call the Carbondale Police Department.

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