SIUC students share their mixed feelings about first day of classes

The university updated its student conduct code which outlines fines for violating ordinances.

First day of fall semester

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) -The Fall semester is officially underway at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Monday marked the first day of classes for students, and the first time returning to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

SIU freshman Riley Hemken attended the first classes of her college career virtually.

“It was really interesting,” she said. “I got to know my professor a little bit online, so it was kind of a different scenario than in class getting a syllabus”.

Hemken is a pre-veterinarian medicine major from Hillsboro, Ill. She said she has an outgoing personality, so this new way of learning is different.

“I’d rather be in person and hands on like learning the material, so being in my room is kind of sad to me,” Hemken said.

On Monday, SIU published updated rules to the Student Conduct Code, requiring a mask when indoors, six feet social distancing, and even advising students to stay away from parties or large gatherings.

“I’m missing football season,” Hemken said. “I thought that being a Saluki would be really going to my first games, and all my games are free and like going to basketball games would be a really fun experience, but since we are not having any of that I’m kind of bummed and yeah that just really sucks.”

Faith Mooney is a junior Residents’ Assistant in a freshman dorm. She said, “I’m not a big partyer anyway, and I also don’t really go to many of the sporting events just because I’m so busy.”

Mooney is a Child Psychology major. With her full time job and 18 credit hours, she said online learning might actually help her manage her time.

“I don’t in any way feel like I’m missing out on any of my education, and honestly there are a few classes that I’m taking that I feel like maybe aided from this because all of our classes are recorded,” Mooney said.

Sophomore student Madalynn McFadden is a Radio/Television major. “It’s been kind of weird honestly, because everything is just so different right now,” she said.

According to an SIU Spokesperson, 41 percent of the students are taking classes online, this semester, while 31 percent are face-to-face. The other classes are a hybrid of both.

Hemken said she hopes to take part in typical campus life, soon. ”I wish we could go back to normal,” she said.

In the student conduct code, violation of the new ordinances, like not wearing face mask or social distancing, could result in fines of up to $750.

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