Perryville movie theater still operating during COVID-19 pandemic

Perryville movie theater still operating during COVID-19 pandemic

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - Movie theaters across the country are getting ready to reopen, but the theater in Perryville’s Perry Park Center has been open since May.

“I’ve liked being able to come with my kiddos. We’ve come twice since the pandemic,” Jessica Brown said.

Jessica Brown said she feels safe coming to the theater with her family because of how it is being cleaned.

The director, Jim Cadwell, said since reopening in May, things seem to be running smoothly at the theater at Perry Park Center.

He closes every other row of seats to allow for social distancing.

“Also in that row we ask that people if you’re not living in the same family they put space in between themselves as well,” Cadwell said.

He said the cleaning staff also sanitizes commonly touched surfaces in addition to spraying down all seats.

“Things have been going real good, in the building itself it took a little bit of adjusting cause you never had to do this distancing in the past,” Cadwell said.

The theater isn't showing new movies right now because of new release dates due to the pandemic.

Theater and concessions supervisor, Derek Boxdorfer, said he thinks that’s why there aren’t large crowds.

“Its been kind of a challenge to get movies in that people would want to come watch,” Boxdorfer said.

He hopes to have new movies to show by the end of the month and wants people to feel safe while watching.

“There’s still a lot of people who might be nervous to come in so we’re hoping to get out there that we’re keeping it as safe as possible for you to come in and enjoy the film still,” Boxdorfer said.

Cadwell said he will keep running the theater this way until the Perry County Health Department loosens up the guidelines.

Meanwhile the movie theater in Dexter is also open with extra precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.

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