Murphysboro School District gets set to kick off school year next week

Murphysboro School District gets set to kick off school year next week

MURPHYSBORO, IL. (KFVS) -With the school year beginning next week in Murphysboro, parents are beginning to pick up the necessary gear their child will need to successfully start the school year.

Today, at General John A. Logan attendance center, parents had the opportunity to pick up their child’s remote learning packets.

Superintendent Dr. Andria Evers said she is excited for the start of the school year. “Today and then Monday parents will have the ability to pick up either remote learning packets or their child’s Chromebook depending on what attendance center they go to.”

Evers stated, the schools have reached out to their parents regarding what their child will need to begin the school year.

“All of the schools have communicated with their parents, parents on the system to pick up materials, or to pick up their devices.”

Principal of General John A. Logan attendance center Stephanie Finke, is also very excited to kick off the school year; she says parents can start rolling by to pick up materials. “Anytime between 1 and 10 pm today, tomorrow, Sunday they can come and pick up next week’s packet.”

Finke said some of the items can also be found online for the parents and student’s needs.

“We also have digital resources but some of our parents still prefer those traditional paper packets.”

Monday is also a great opportunity for the kindergartners of the Murphysboro School District. They have a chance for a drive by to meet and greet their teachers.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity from 11-1 on Monday for our kindergarten parents to honk and wave at their teachers, and see their face, see their kindergarten teachers faces and have that brief introduction curbside.” says Evers

Evers also tells me they are here regardless of what the student chooses as their way to learn this school year.

“Whether they are five days remote, or two days in person, we are were going to meet their educational needs and continue to move forward academically.”

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