Saxony Lutheran High School creates academic academy

Heartland school holds academic academy for incoming freshman

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - One Heartland school started a new program to bring incoming freshman back up to speed for the new school year.

“If we can provide this to make parents and the students more confident about starting high school then that’s what we are hoping to get out of it.,” said Mark Ruark, Principal of Saxony Lutheran High School.

Ruark is talking about the four-day academic academy the school held for incoming freshman.

“We came up with the idea of this academic academy which in our core classes we would let all of our incoming freshman sign up and get some very intense tutoring,” he said.

Ruark said these incoming students will get a refresher on math, language arts and science.

“It’ll help us get to know where the students are, it will help us raise their level of performance, but it will also give us a great starting point for the school year,” he said.

Language Arts Teacher Sally Lorenz said this is a good way to get back into learning in-person.

“What I’m hoping is that I can kind a just focus their minds again on learning. I think it just more of getting back into the routine of listening and pay attention and, you know, the terminology coming back to you,” she said.

Freshman Grace Ozark said this academic academy is helping her regain confidence after a crazy end to the 2019-2020 school year.

“It’s definitely been a little weird because you know you go from four to five weeks on online and then coming straight back to class with social distancing, new learning, new teachers. It’s definitely a great experience I’m glad I got to do it and I’m happy that all is happening now and moving forward,” she said.

Ruark said keeping the students successful is a main priority.

“You know we really feel like this is a great opportunity for students and it maybe something that even beyond the COVID. It may be something we make an annual part because anyway we can help better prepare our students for high school, the greater chance there is for success,” he said.

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