Livingston County Schools met to discuss Gov. Beshear’s at-home learning recommendation

School board to discuss virtual learning

SMITHLAND, Ky. (KFVS) - The Livingston County Schools’ school board met on August 12 to discuss Governor Andy Beshear’s recommendation to start school with at-home learning until September 28th.

According to Victor Zimmerman, Livingston County Schools Superintendent, he first decided to follow the governor’s suggestion, and the board did not make a motion to change his decision.

Then, three board members called for a special meeting to re-evaluate.

“Each individual has their own unique needs. And that is where we are trying to work and provide an environment in which we can look at those individual needs for each of the students, each of the parents and families, and our staff as well, to be able to address their concerns about a healthy, safe school environment for them,” said Zimmerman.

Before hearing the Governor’s recommendation, the district planned to leave the option up to families, offering both at-home and in-person learning. For in-person instruction, students would alternate days at home, attending classes at school two days a week. Every student would learn from home on Mondays.

According to Zimmerman, school leaders tried to reach out to every family they could to hear their thoughts on what school should look like during the pandemic. He said about 85 percent want in-person classes to some capacity, and about 15 percent want at-home learning.

The meeting on August 12 was streamed live on the Livingston County Schools’ Facebook page and starts at 5:30 p.m.

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