City of Cape Girardeau seeking land for new sportsplex

Plan to improve Arena Park Ball Fields

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The city is looking to make a major change across the grounds at Arena Park by relocating some of its ball fields. To do that, they are looking for an area to build a new sportsplex.

Recreation Division Manager Scott Williams said back in 2018, the city approved the development of a new youth sports complex.

“We are a regional hub right now with the Cape Girardeau sports complex with volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer,” he said. “So this will just be another piece of our inventory that will make us, make Cape Girardeau, more marketable to the four or five-state region.”

Williams said the city is looking to relocate six to eight ball fields to an undetermined location, which will accommodate the 8-15-year-old boys and girls who love to play ball.

“We will still have fields at an area park that will be utilized,” he said. “And they will be in the range of probably 250-foot outfield fences to 300, which we don’t have a lot of in our inventory.”

The fields that will be replaced include the ones inside the grandstand area and across West Rodney Street.

“And then what we would do with Arena Park then would be to utilize that space for more annual expo types of events,” he said.

Until then, he said the games will still go on as scheduled at the park.

“We will still have youth leagues here until this is developed,” he continued. “Once it is developed, we will transition those leagues and those fields out. Which will make way for the Arena Park master plan to be developed.”

The city hopes this project will be underway in early 2022.

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