Canceled sporting events affect Heartland business

The financial impact of canceled sporting events

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The cancellation of sporting events is having a ripple effect on area businesses as fewer games translate to fewer sales.

Sports fans miss watching sports in person.

“We’re super bummed that we’re not able to go and cheer along some of our favorite teams,” Amanda Zweigart said.

“We would have gone to a Cardinals game or two by now at this point.”

Since many fans can’t watch from stadiums right now, one sports store worker said he’s noticed a decline in sales.

“It definitely put a damper on a lot of things for us,” Trevor Carroll.

Trevor Carroll said Pro Image was closed for a month-and-a-half when Coronavirus struck. The store opened back up in May.

“During the month of May and June it was really, really busy here but it definitely has slowed down a lot recently,” Carroll said.

He said he thinks the start of football season will help with sales.

“College students coming back, that draws in the variety of the crowd for us too,” Carroll said.

If football season doesn’t return this fall, he said he’ll find another way to draw in the crowds.

“Right now, hockey’s still going on and basketball is still going on so that can help us out a little bit,” Carroll said. “It’s a hit or miss. We won’t know until the time comes around.”

The St. Louis Blues are still on schedule, but the fate of college football remains up in the air.

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