Heartland school starts new program aimed at educational, emotional well-being of its students

Starting with success

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - One heartland school started a new program aimed at both the educational and emotional well-being of its youngest students.

Perryville Primary Center Principal, Emily Koenig said that’s why they created a new program.

”We noticed a large population of students that either didn’t not get the opportunity to go to Pre-k or maybe had some trauma that they experience beforehand,” she said.

It’s called Kindergarten success.

“The goal of this program is to meet every individual student needs , to support teachers who have up to 20 kids in a classroom and cannot spend as much one on one time , to meet social and emotional needs,” she said.

Kindergarten teacher, Valerie Doran, will be the one evaluating and teaching the kids who need extra help.

”For about the first four to six weeks of the school year I will be going into different classrooms seeing where there the need in trying to identify each student,” she said.

She will work with each kid in small groups.

“They will start within my classroom at designated times their having the most difficult times at school and that will be phase one during phase on I will be teaching them social , emotion skills, how to self-regulate and academics,” Doran said.

Although she won’t have her own classroom, she is looking forward to the new task.

“I’m very excited I think that as a kindergarten team we’ve been talking about it since probably last year when thought wow we needed something extra for our kids,” she said.

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