Bus safety during a pandemic

School bus safety at southern Ill. school during pandemic

VIENNA, Ill. (KFVS) - The big yellow school bus is going to have a different feel to it when the school year begins.

One of the hot topics of going back to school this year in the midst of a pandemic is bus safety.

The Vienna School District explained what they are doing.

Transportation Director Mark Racey is just eager to get back in the swing of things. He said no one should be worried.

“Parents shouldn’t be worried about them riding the bus,” Racey said.

He said Vienna had also looked at other school districts’ plans to see what is the best way to go about things.

“There’s different scenarios out there with what different schools are doing, but we’re told, and the guidelines were given, it’s two to a seat on the bus,” said Racey.

If you are worried about the buses not getting cleaned, that will not be the case in Vienna, he said.

“After each trip morning and evening, they will be sanitized,” he explained. “The school has bought a couple special sanitizers that actually fog the buses.”

Superintendent Joshua Stafford is confident in their school district choice. Safety is their number one priority.

“Our situation as a school in the state of Illinois, is that we have to follow guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education that’s issued through the appropriate governmental channels,” said Stafford.

Racey said his staff takes pride in safety.

“We’ve got a good crew of veteran drivers here and we’re all dedicated to keeping the kids safe any way possible on the bus.”

Stafford wanted everyone to have some patience, this is something new to everyone

“That we’re going to have to have a lot of grace and mercy with each other, a lot of grace and mercy with our staff, with our kids, with everybody in our community. It’s something that’s new and certainly not accustomed to,” he said.

Below are some of the guidelines drivers and riders will have to follow:

  • Wear a face covering at all times on the bus
  • Buses will be cleaned with CDC recommended products
  • no more than 50 individuals on a ride
  • Drivers will undergo health self checks before entering their vehicle.

If you have questions about what your school district bus safety protocols are, reach out to them.

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