Carbondale District 95 schools to reopen in full remote learning mode

Carbondale District 95 schools to reopen in full remote learning mode

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - As the back to school countdown begins, Carbondale District 95 schools plan to reopen in full remote learning mode.

“Educators are being asked to do something right now that they have never done before, ” stated Carbondale Superintendent, Daniel Booth when talking about the changes to the new school year. ”We are in a place where we are adjusting and doing what’s best for this time and we are going to still make sure that our kids are learning on the day to day basis.”

According to the district’s return to school plan, teachers will provide lessons plans with links to videos, class meetings and assignments for students to complete during this full remote learning schedule,

“We are in the process of ensuring families that don’t have connectivity, receive it. And we are also working on device distribution - what you see on these tables back here are hundreds and hundreds of devices for our middle school students that we will be passing out here in the next week.”

Attendance will be tracked and students will be assessed to determine levels of achievement or learning loss.

While the district is concerned for the health and safety of their 1200 students, Booth said they are also concerned for the more than 200 staff.

“Our bus drivers, our custodians, our cooks, our teachers, our aides. All of those individuals are putting themselves at risk by coming to work to do a job that’s important for the entire community so we’ve got to protect them.”

Booth says he hopes to return to normalcy.

“Our hope is to be in person but we are not going to rush it. We are really going to look at the data, look at the statistics. We are going to look at our community and we are going to make a local decision that’s best for our community.”

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