Southern Ill. business reacts to Gov. Pritzker’s new mask mandate

Southern Ill. business reacts to Gov. Pritzker’s new mask mandate

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Governor Pritzker announced on Friday, August 7 businesses could potentially face a fine for not having patrons follow the mask mandate.

Businesses are allowed two warnings before a potential fine. Fines can range up to $2,500.

Town Square Market owner Jennifer Pellow said they have already been following the mask mandate. The city of Carbondale had also passed a similar law into effect a handful of weeks back.

“I appreciate what the governor is trying to do trying to keep everyone safe,” said Pellow

She said safety of their employees and customers is their number one priority.

“We don’t let people in our store right now unless they are wearing a mask and we also have mask, mask to give people,” said Pellow.

She also said they had to kick people out of their store for not wanting to follow the mask mandate.

“I might not be the main person, I’m worried about getting sick, but all the elderly people that come by and all of my customers in general; I want to create the safest and cleanest environment,” she said.

She hoped this new legislation passed by the governor will make more businesses follow the mask mandate.

“I hope it will change the safety for other stores that have not been enforcing the mask as much as we have,” said Pellow.

Individuals cannot be fined, only businesses.

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