Cowboy travels across the country to spread positive message

Cowboy travels across the country to spread positive message

WINGO, KY. (KFVS) - A horseman has been riding across the Heartland the past couple of weeks.

Its the second cross country trip for a South Dakota cowboy who is trying to spread a positive message to our veterans.

Tony Jones started his second trip across the country two months ago in Texas. He’s slowly making his way to Washington DC and is stopping to meet as many veterans as he can along the way.

“The first time I rode across there to learn all I could. And this time I ride across here to gather all the people I can,” Jones said.

He said he feels veterans should be treated better than they are now. Although he’s not a veteran, he did serve in the national guard for two years.

“I’m a United States citizen out there trying to do some good for somebody that makes a difference,” Jones said.

He travels with his horse, Sarge and often stays with veterans to rest.

“I came out here looking for one person and I found thousands,” Jones said.

His grandfather was a veteran and so are many of his friends. They inspire him to spread awareness to prevent suicides. The pandemic is a challenging time for them as well.

“A lot of them are so isolated right now and we’re going to lose more of them,” Jones said.

Thomas Cole is a combat veteran. He said the pandemic is affecting those with PTSD since they can’t meet in person like they used to.

“But now with this pandemic, we don’t go see twice a month, we don’t talk to the psychiatrist. Its really stressful on some of the veterans,” Cole said.

Jones consistently shows his appreciation for them because he knows how much it means to them.

“I get a little emotional sometimes, it’s a tear-jerking thing,” Cole said.

“If I could tell the veterans anything, its that we all love you and thank you,” Jones said.

Sarge averages two mile an hour as he carries Tony across the country.

You can keep up with their journey by following his Facebook page, Cowboys Ride for Veterans.

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