Buying school supplies safely during pandemic

Safely buying school supplies

CHAFFEE, Mo. (KFVS) - As it gets closer to the start of school, parents are checking things off their kids’ school supplies lists and there are ways to get supplies without even stepping foot in the store.

“If I don’t have to go into the store, why do it,” Christine Klaver said.

Christine Klaver has kids at Chaffee Elementary. She said she plans to take advantage of the curbside pickup option at Target and Walmart when shopping for the rest of their supplies. These stores have the lists on their website and app.

“We post it to our social media, we also post it to our website and its super easy especially with technology these days to get that to Target and to Walmart,” Jennifer Vandeven said.

Principal Jennifer Vandeven said she also sent the lists to Dollar General and Family Dollar in Chaffee.

Since she said students will not be allowed to share supplies this year, they will need to have their own individual labeled bags.

“Those art boxes, those pencil pouches, the things like that that weren’t as big a deal if you had them or you didn’t especially the younger kids, are going to be a lot more important this year,” Vandeven said.

Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are on the list every year.

“I think the biggest difference this year is going to be the difficulty that those parents are going to have in finding those,” Vandeven said.

“Even if parents aren’t able to find it, they can rest assured that we do have those products here.”

You can find your list of supplies on either Walmart or Target’s website by clicking on school supplies lists, enter your zip code and school name.

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