SIU is making their own hand sanitizer

Saluki Sanitizer available for students

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - Southern Illinois University is doing the best they can to stop the spread of the pandemic on its own campus.

SIU is now making its own hand sanitizer inside the McLaffery Annex, where students learn about distilling and brewing.

Matt McCarroll, head of the fermentation science institute on campus, is leading the charge and his colleague Mandy Rothert is there making this for their university.

“It’s really been fun being able to react to this crisis that we’re in and hopefully do some good,” said McCarroll.

With this process beginning just over a month ago, McCarroll and Rothert had to carefully study and know they could get this process going on campus.

“We had to go through a process of approval and make some modifications to the building just for safety perspective. So the whole campus came together to really help us do this safely and to be under regulations,” said McCarroll.

McCarroll said it is nearly half the price to make it in-house, than to constantly keep supplying for the university. McCarroll explained the ingredients.

“Starting out with 95 percent ethanol, and we blend that with some hydrogen peroxide, and some, uh, glycerol to keep your hands from drying out and to dilute down with water until we get to 80 percent.”

He said if they make enough, it can potentially be sold in the community.

“First and foremost, its primarily for the university, that was our primary mission, was to try and help out campus. Um, but on a secondary level, we’re looking into selling this off campus as well to help out the community,” said McCarroll.

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