Perryville opens new bicycle hostel to boost tourism

New Cyclist hostel opens in Perryville

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - Perryville is once again trying to attract more visitors to their town. This time, they’ve opened up a bicycle hostel.

It’s called Caroline’s Bicycle Hostel and accommodates up to seven cycling guests.

Perry County Heritage Tourism Director Trish Erzfeld said it's important that they welcome cyclists and make Perryville a destination for them to stay and enjoy what the city has to offer.

Erzfeld said Perry County and Perryville has a lot to offer the cyclists, including touring historic homes, the downtown atmosphere, Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial and more.

"We've always wanted to be more cycle friendly in our communities, so Caroline's gives the bicyclers the opportunity to slow down, to stop and put the kickstand down if you would, and see what's unique and special about our downtown and our surrounding areas."

Even though they just opened up, they have had several people already try out the hostel. Cyclists have come from Alabama, Mississippi and other places from Missouri.

For more information about Caroline’s Bicycle Hostel, you can reach out to the Perry County Heritage Tourism Center at 573-517-2069.

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