Pandemic causing burnout for people working from home

Tips for managing pandemic burnout

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As the pandemic stretches on, many people still find themselves working from home.

One Heartland expert said this is causing some to experience burnout.

Counselor Bob Dale said a lot of workers may be feeling even more stressed out than normal, and he knows why.

”COVID is definitely a contributor, I mean, because it’s unknown,” he said. “We’re still learning out about the virus.”

And he said it’s easy to overlook the signs of burnout.

”Irritability, confusion and lack of motivation, just a general feeling of unrest,” he said.

According to a survey done by more than two-thirds of people working remotely during the pandemic have these issues. But Dana Brune said she had a different experience.

"I didn't really have any burnout," she said.

Brune is back in the office at the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce. She explained her method while working at home.

”I very much had a routine and it was similar to coming into the office except for the drive in,” she said. “Still woke up and still was working by 8 a.m.”

She said while her method worked for her, some of her co-workers still at home battle burnout.

“A lot of it is just that missing people interaction,” she said.

Dale said the key to beating that kind of stress is to create a balanced work life, and with a dedicated work space.

“You want to pace yourself, you want to take frequent breaks, you want to drink water, avoid sugar caffeine,” he said.

And he said what may work for you may not work for your neighbor.

”What helps is what feel goods to you,” he said.

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