In the midst of a pandemic, this Orchard is still thriving

In the midst of a pandemic, this Orchard is still thriving

COBDEN, IL. (KFVS) -As the weather continues to heat up, friends and families are gathering at orchards. One Orchard that is thriving is Flamm Orchard in Cobden, Ill. Austin Flamm said this is one of their best years yet despite the pandemic.

“It’s been a good surprise to see a big retail season so far. We’ve moved a lot of peaches out the front door while being able to still sell to our wholesale customers.” said Flamm

Flamm Orchards has been in business for 132 years. They started selling food way back in 1888.

“We are happy to be open. We were nervous coming into the pandemic, not knowing what the next step would be since we’re agriculture. We’ve been able to stay open the entire time.” said Flamm

One shopper at Flamm Orchards is Stephanie McAlpine. She and her Husband are visiting southern Illinois for their anniversary.

“It’s kind of nice to just take a step back and enjoy what’s right here in front of you,” said McAlpine.

Flamm tells me their sales at their stands are through the roof.

“This is the 20th season that our retail and fruits and cream stand has been open, and its hands down the biggest season we’ve had so far,” said Flamm.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, Flamm said they were unsure how this season was going to go, but it has been a shock to be doing so well.

“We were unsure coming into it with our strawberry season, but after seeing strawberries and the success we’ve had in our retail market, we expected it to roll over into peaches, which it has.” said Flamm

For the health and safety of others and their employees the orchard has instilled as many safety protocols as possible.

“We put up the Plexiglas between our registers and our employees and our customers. We have social distancing markers on the floor, we have our employees wear face mask all day long to protect themselves and customer’s a like. We do ask that all of our customers take the same precautions.” said Flamm

With a mild spring, Flamm said this spring was a lot better than ones in the past

“This spring, for the first time in a handful of years, we had good growing weather. There was less rain than the past five years. Here recently, we’ve had more rain than we like.” said Flamm

Flamm said a lot of old customers and even new ones are coming out to their property. He said they love having everyone come out and support local.

“Based off of our sales alone, I think we have had an uptick in new customers. We’re doing more business out of our retail than we ever had before.” said Flamm

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