Jackson woman receives mysterious seeds from China

Jackson woman receives mysterious seeds from China

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) -When Pat Gibbs got this small white package, she hoped it contained a pair of earrings she ordered, but instead, it turned out to be something quite expected.

“I cut it out, and I dumped them out on my walker seat, and here were two tiny packages of seeds inside,” she said.

She also added,”The package just has a lot of Chinese writing on it , and down where the bar code is it says untracked.”

Gibbs is one of many to receive these unsolicited seeds around the United States. She said she never thought they would end up in her mailbox.

"I saw on the news the last couple days where they say people were getting these in the mail, but I didn't expect it in a small town like ours," she said.

Right now, the USDA animal and plant health inspection services, asks anyone who gets these seeds to keep the package sealed and don't plant them.

Osama El-lissy, USDA Deputy Administrator of Plant Protection and Quarantine, explained why these seeds are raising red flags.

"Our main concern is that the potential for the seeds to introduce disease that could be harmful to U.S. Agriculture and the environment," he said.

El-lissy asks you to place everything in a envelope, and call your state's USDA office. He says they're collecting the seeds for tests.

"To verify whether not any of the seeds carry any kind of diseases," he said.

Pat Gibbs said she just wants to get rid of them.

“I am nervous about having them in my house I don’t know what else to do,” she said.

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