Bollinger County Library provides WiFi hotspots to community

Bollinger County Library provides WiFi hotspots to community

BOLLINGER COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - As more schools are offering virtual learning, some people are stuck wondering how they will access the internet.

One Heartland library is finding connections all over the county for people to use.

“We are just trying to cover as many of the citizen here as we can,” said Eva Dunn, Bollinger County Library Director.

Dunn is setting up WiFi hotspots around the county for anyone to use.

“This gives them every opportunity that anybody else in the country has with these hotspots,” she said.

Dunn said the need in Bollinger County is huge, only 2 percent of residents have true broadband. “I call this a bridge. This is the bridge to get folks the things that they need, the internet access that they need, until the providers have their infrastructure in place.”

She said they will put these hotspots in a convenient place.

“So we are looking at the village of Sedgewickville. It has it at their community center, city hall has it at Glennallen, KC Hall at Leopold and we are continuing to work,” she said.

Emma Stroup is a recent high school graduate who’s taken advantage of the free WiFi.

“I feel like I wouldn’t be able to get where I’m at now, which sounds crazy because it’s just WiFi, but it’s the reality of today on how important it really is,” she said.

Stroup said with everything moving to online, things could get stressful, but now she doesn’t have to worry.

“Having that ability to come here, sit down and not stress about how I was going to get it done and how I could get it done is a very huge part for me,” she said.

Dunn said all you have to do is pull up near the facility and type in a pass code.

“So, whether they are in Sedgewickville or Zelma or where ever that should be, connect to bocolibrary and the fives (55555555) for the password,” she said.

To find out where more hotspots will be located visit the libraries Facebook page.

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