One Heartland Mom is helping other parents learn about home schooling

One Heartland Mom is helping other parents learn about home schooling

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -Allison Staggs has home schooled her sons for 12 years. She said she always offers advice to other parents, but with COVID-19 she’s seen a peak in interest.

“I understand the days and the times that we live in is very different right now and so there’s a lot of concerns with families health. The benefits of homeschooling are the same, maybe just more necessary for some families at this time,” she said.

She added, ”I usually get a sprinkling here or there, every month of people asking questions are needing help, wanting encouragement information you know I do that but yea that’s kind of multiplied significantly.”

Staggs found a simple way to address everyone’s questions; “That’s why I decided to put this ‘lunch and learn’ on today because of kind of having a bunch of individual conversations ….I said it would be easier for me to just do a get together,” she said.

Former teacher, Kelli Conner said with COVID-19 home schooling is a better option for her son. “I’ve always wanted to home school but this is kind of the big push,”she said.

Conner said because she feels more comfortable. “Just simple things that kids encounter during the school day it’s going to be real difficult but not only for the teachers but the school district to be able to keep the kids safe when it’s so highly contagious,”she said.

She thinks it’s something her son will enjoy. “He’s excited to learn things on his terms,” she said.

Staggs said if you’re interested in home schooling your child she recommends doing your research. “Look on Facebook, do some googling so you can know where to start contact if you can find some local home schoolers to ask some questions,” she said.

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