Heartland quilt shop sees boom in sales during COVID-19

Heartland quilt shop sees boom in sales during COVID-19

ANNA, Ill. (KFVS) - Mask making is a popular habit during the pandemic and the crafty hobby is boosting sales at a local Heartland business.

Unlike many businesses, the coronavirus pandemic is having a positive impact on The Here and Now Shop.

“It’s been a blessing in disguise to be able to see more foot traffic, more people are being aware that we are actually here. This is actually a quilt store,” said Isle Easterly, manager.

Easterly didn’t think fabric would be such a hot commodity.

“Mask making has really, I guess, made people more aware of fabric,” she said.

Easterly said people from hours away are making the trip to her Southern Illinois shop.

“A woman from Peoria, she came down and no fabric stores were open up north, so she was quite tickled that we were opened. So, she’s back down in town and of course she had in stop in here,” she said.

Easterly said when the pandemic hit, they were worried they would be hanging by a thread.

“We were scared that we would definitely slow down,” she said.

Easterly said here and now the business is bursting at the seams. “It’s wonders that, you know, people coming into our store is really paying off. So, supporting local is definitely working.”

Easterly encourages people to continue supporting local businesses during the pandemic.

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