Family donates boxes of sensory items to Jackson students with special needs

Heartland family donates boxes of sensory items to Jackson students with special needs

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - Michelle Prichard came up with the idea to give back to teachers and and students in the special education program at Jackson schools.

She is taking donations from the community to purchase sensory items that are beneficial to children with special needs.

Since the pandemic is going on, students can’t share these sensory items like they used to, they will all get their own box to use.

Charley has autism and is in special education classes at West Lane Elementary in Jackson. It's what inspired his mom to give these boxes of sensory items to Jackson special education students. She calls them "Charleys charmed boxes."

“We have noticed that he really enjoys sensory type activities,” his mother, Michelle Prichard said.

She is an occupational therapist and says it's important for special needs kids to have something to fidget with.

“It keeps them busy, it keeps their minds busy and their hands busy so that they can calm down a little bit and the class can be much easier to work with,” Prichard said.

Whitney Rowley teaches at West Lane Elementay and used to have Charley in her class.

She says her students benefit from using sensory items in her classroom and usually share them, but not this year.

“I thought this was a great opportunity to provide each student something of their own so that they could stay in their space,” Prichard said.

She has received donations from people all over to help.

“Donations to the fundraiser have been awesome so it allowed us to put more things in the boxes than what I originally intended,” Prichard said.

Rowley said she’s looking forward to seeing her students in person next month.

Michelle Prichard makes the boxes in her basement with her family and plans to make one hundred of them.

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