Cairo to Wickliffe Bridge set to close this weekend

Cairo to Wickliffe Bridge set to close this weekend

CAIRO, IL. (KFVS) -The Cairo to Wickliffe bridge is officially going to be closed. Beginning August 1st at 6:30 a.m. sharp, the bridge will be closed roughly for 30 days.

This will impact the nearly 7,000 vehicles a day that travel.

With the bridge being closed, Indian Hills trading post in Wickliffe is going to feel the effects of this, most of their traffic is people coming through town.

Parth Patel, an employee said she knows business is going to slow down.

“We’re going to be very slow. Most of our customers are usually tourist and driving by, and after that, we’re probably going to go down by 80 to 90 percent.” said Patel

Patel stated they are going to have to slow down on their normal work days with prepping.

“We’re usually, going to slow down what we do right now, cooking wise, stocking wise but whenever it opens up again, we’re going to go back until how it was.” said Patel

Keith Todd of the Kentucky Transportation District 1 said they looked at other times to try and close the bridge, but it would of taken longer

“We looked at nighttime and weekend closures. That would have extended the project to about 12 weeks,” said Todd.

This closure will have an impact on all travelers and commuters that rely on this bridge

“Well, there’s really not much choice for an alternate routes,” said Todd.

Todd offered some advice for motorist that use this bridge daily.

“It’s one of the things. We’ve suggested to folks if you, if you have to commute, if you can find some friends or family to stay with that are on the other side of the river, at least if you stay one or two nights a week.” said Todd

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