School officials say finding substitute help could be issue this year

Safely bringing in substitute teachers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -With all the COVID-19 changes it could be hard to find extra help if a teacher calls in sick.

Cape Schools Deputy Superintendent, Christa Turner said they anticipate a high demand for substitute teachers with COVID-19 impacting the upcoming school year.

“We are encouraging obviously students and staff this year to stay home when you’re sick instead of coming to work and toughing through it,” she said.

The pandemic adds a new challenge when bringing in a substitute to take a teacher’s place.

"A lot of our substitutes routinely have been an older a retired teacher and obviously they're more at risk," she said.

Turner knows not everyone wants to return to the workplace right now. “Sometimes if people have choice to not work right now, they may be more likely to choose that.”

So, she said the district’s created a plan to try and make their subs feel more comfortable coming back.

“One of the things that we’re going to do for substitutes is try to assign them to 2 or 3 buildings so that they won’t be in all of building throughout the district,” she said.

Turner said they remain focused on the safety and education of their students.

“We will problem solve just like we always do to make sure that we are adequately supervising and educating our kids that are here,” she said.

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