Heartland school shares ways to teach students virtually

Preparing for remote learning

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Schools across the Heartland are changing the way they teach their students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cape Central Public Schools changed the way they are doing things, as well, with having to teach students in the classroom and those that chose to stay at home to learn.

Franklin Elementary Student Interventionist Amber Walker said as soon as students start this upcoming school year, they will be introduced to Google Classroom and learn how to use it first before they get into their regular school work.

"We are going through some training this summer to make sure we have a lot of resources to offer teachers and to help them get set up," Walker said. "Our big platform is Google Classroom that every student has access to. Every student has a Google account. We can do a lot of things virtually. Anything that we can do in the classroom, we can tweak it and make it virtual."

The program allows teachers to submit homework and lessons through various avenues to the students through their tablets.

"Google and Google Classroom is live. So as soon as they submit an assignment, it goes straight to the teacher; where the teacher can comment, the teacher can send the assignment back for them to check or to get feedback and it's all live document."

Every student will have a chromebook they will use to learn with.

"They learn very quickly," Walker said. "This generation, they are used to technology. They're not scared of it and they're able to jump in and do it with me and sometimes we're learning together, and that's okay too."

For more information on your school’s new education plan, go to their website or call your local school.

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