Cape Girardeau Regional Airport could see impact due to Chicago’s travel quarantine

Mo. added to Chicago"s quarantine list

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Are you looking to travel to Chicago? Missourians will be required to quarantine for 14 days before going in the city.

How will that impact the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport?

“Well we are certainly going to be impacted,” said Katrina Amos, Cape Girardeau Regional Airport manager.

Amos is talking about how Missouri is now added to the travel quarantine list for the City of Chicago.

“I mean, the fact that they would have to quarantine for 14 days before they could move on with those plans is certainly going to put a damper on those who want to consider traveling at the time,” she said.

Amos thinks there will be a decline in passengers due to the amount of people that use the airport to go to Chicago.

“Thirty to 40 percent of our passengers are stopping in Chicago, so I have to believe there’s gonna be some impact with those travel plans,” she said.

She said in the past few months the airport hit rock bottom with the number of passengers travelling.

This month they were seeing a change.

“For July things had started to turn around and this is our first month where we were actually hitting in the hundreds. So as of right now we are just over three hundred passengers flying out of Cape and so this certainty will effect that number,” she said.

Amos said they are ready get back to some kind of normal.

“This is just unprecedented times, uncertain times. I’m sure just like everybody else we want to get back to normal. We understand that normal maybe a while away before we can return to that,” she said.

For Missourians this will take effect Friday, July 31.

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