Rising COVID-19 impact Carbondale businesses

COVID-19 impact on Carbondale

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - As COVID-19 cases are rising in Jackson County, many businesses are feeling the effects.

Sunday night, the Jackson County Health Department put out a public health alert.

This alert comes after 38 positive test from mostly young adults.

According to the Jackson County Health Department, 70 percent of cases reported in July have been individuals in their late teens to mid-20s.

Many restaurants in the Carbondale area closed their doors due to employees testing positive for the pandemic, or for pre-cautionary reasons.

Changos, in downtown Carbondale is still open. They have little indoor seating, but manger Jasmine Alexander said most of their business comes from delivery orders.

“We’re going to try and be as proactive as we can here and just keeping it very small and minimal,” said Alexander.

Alexander said she understood that some customers may not feel comfortable coming in.

“We’re hoping that cases aren’t too bad where it shies people away,” she said.

Steven Mitchell is the economic development director for the city of Carbondale. He said the impact of restaurants closing in town can be felt city-wide.

“Well, obviously, with the last shutdown we have seen a dramatic decline in sales tax revenue, so I think that would just extend that,” said Mitchell.

“We anticipate between 20 and 40 percent revenue shortfall in tax receipts,” he added.

Mitchell knows Carbondale is an attractive city where people from around the region come to hangout.

“Carbondale has been a destination location for retail entertainment for decades, so people’s behavior outside the city of Carbondale, impacts the city of Carbondale as well,” said Mitchell.

He said if another shutdown happens in Carbondale, the city will just have to deal with it.

“We’ll adapt, we’ll make the budget changes necessary to adapt,” he said.

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