Bald Knob Cross to hold 24-hour fundraising campaign

Bald Knob Cross to hold 24-hour fundraising campaign
'Day of Giving' fundraiser for Bald Knob Cross will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 4.

ALTO PASS, Ill. (KFVS) - The Bald Knob Cross of Peace in Alto Pass will kick-off a 24-hour fundraising campaign on Tuesday, Aug. 24.

The ‘Day of Giving’ is to help the popular Heartland destination recoup some of its financial losses due to COVID-19.

According to organizers, Bald Knob Cross has lost more than $50,000 in revenue since the pandemic began.

The 24-hour campaign will allow donors to give any amount they choose.

Donations can be made online, through Facebook or by mail.

Organizers said two anonymous donors will also be matching donations made on Day of Giving.

In the past, Teresa Gilbert, the executive director of Bald Knob Cross, said nearly 30,000 people visited the cross annually.

There are no visitor fees.

Bald Knob Cross is an 111 foot tall cross, which can bee seen on a clear day and is illuminated at night.

The cross is located at the top of a prominent elevation point in southern Illinois approximately four-miles from Alto Pass.

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