Jackson and Cape Girardeau educators give summer school update

Jackson and Cape Girardeau educators give summer school update

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY Mo. (KFVS) - In the midst of the pandemic, summer school looks a lot different right now.

Teachers and administrators said it seems to be running smoothly in Jackson and Cape Girardeau.

“I don’t know who’s happier, the students or the teachers,” Superintendent Dr. John Link said.

Jackson Superintendent, John Link, said it’s great to see kids back in the classroom and so far they aren’t having any issues.

“We feel really good about summer school and that was a big test. If we can pull off summer school then we feel like we can pull off on-campus learning August 24th,” Dr. Link said.

Lindsey Hutson has a son in Jackson’s summer school program, and said he had a great experience. She planned to send her kids back to the classroom in August.

“My kids are definitely going in person, I also teach so it’s not an option for me to stay home and I think that they need to be there and their life needs to go back to as normal as possible,” Hutson said.

Cape Girardeau teachers said it’s been an adjustment, but they’re happy to interact with the kids face-to-face. Fifth grade teacher Ashley Radake said social distancing in summer school has been different in a couple of ways.

“We can’t high-five or hug which is something that we always do, but we elbow and we do air high fives,” Radake said.

Radake also said this year they aren’t able to go on summer school field trips like they usually do. Second grade teacher Sarah MahyCrawford said she’s adjusting well to the changes and likes the smaller class sizes.

“Smaller class sizes is helping with the numbers and we’re actually I feel learning a lot more because of the smaller class sizes,” MahyCrawford said.

MahyCrawford said her biggest challenge right now is not knowing what the future holds for the new school year. She said she’s ready to transition online if necessary.

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