Notre Dame Regional High School releases reopening plan

Notre Dame Regional High School releases reopening plan

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Notre Dame Regional High school announced its back to school plan, which has the faculty and students looking a lot different than last year.

Notre Dame Assistant Principal Jeff Worley said in order keep the possibility of spreading the virus down, all students must wear personal protective equipment.

“We’re not all comfortable wearing a face mask,” he said. “And different people have their own feelings about whether it’s appropriate. Whether it’s effective or not. But we will work with that family and the expectation is that they need to work with us.”

He said his school will do what’s required to keep the students and faculty safe.

“This is what we are asked to do now, with Cape County and the guidelines,” he said. “And we expect to follow that.”

This year, school administration also decided to give parents two learning options for their children.

“Our plan is to open school with in-person classes. But our students do have the option to work remotely.”

Worley called the virtual learning option an easy decision considering the student body comes from several counties.

“We’re a regional high school, so we have students that come from Charleston and from Sikeston and Illinois,” he said.

One of the biggest differences students will see this fall at Notre Dame Regional High School is all school masses will continue to take place in the school gymnasium. Along with that, portions of the student body will be watching online inside the classroom to provide additional spacing,” he explained.

“This will allow us to share our faith together, but do it in a safer manor.”

He said this could become the new normal throughout the school year.

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