Kids adjusting to wearing masks in schools

Getting children to wear masks

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Most parents would agree, getting kids to wear masks is a challenge and elementary teachers know it too.

Mary Santana teaches the second grade at St. Mary Cathedral School. She’s already preparing to make her students as comfortable as possible when wearing masks.

“With little ones, it’s going to be a thing of learning how to do it,” Santana said.

“This is something new that we’re learning. Just like we learn about stranger danger, learning about other things... don’t touch a hot stove... you’re just learning a new thing,” Santana said.

Santana said she will have her students decorate their masks to make them more open to wearing them.

“It just gives them a comfort zone as well,” Santana said.

She’s also giving the kids lanyards so they don’t lose them.

“When they take it off, it’ll be hanging around their neck and then when they put it on, the lanyards are long enough that it doesn’t drag and pull the mask down, but it will be there as a safety thing for them not to lose their masks,” Santana said.

Leslie Helman has three kids at St. Mary Cathedral School. She said she’s already getting her kids adjusted to wearing masks so they will be used to it when school starts.

“Going to church, now they have to wear their masks and so just doing periods throughout the day. I guess is the best way to get them started,” Helman said.

Helman said she tries to normalize wearing a mask in public to set a good example for her children.

“I think the parent sets the tone, so if you accept it as the norm and explain to them why you have to do it and set a good example then, they won’t think anything of it.”

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