Gov. Mike Parson clarifies comments concerning children contracting COVID-19 at school

Mo. Gov. clarifies comments

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Governor Mike Parson clarified comments concerning children contracting COVID-19 at school following widespread backlash.

He said to KMOX radio, he "didn't do a good job of explaining" his thoughts on schools reopening.

In the wake of those comments, local school leaders stress safety as they get ready for the new school year.

Cape Girardeau assistant superintendent, Josh Crowell, did not want to address Governor Parson’s comments about kids going back to school.

“As far as his intent I cannot infer on what his intentions were,” he said.

He did stress they’re doing everything they can to create a safe environment for students.

”We’ve implemented so many protocols, procedures, constantly under review, bouncing them off of other agencies,” he said.

But he said with COVID-19 still among us, he understood why parents are leery.

”I, myself, as a parent of my kids, I’m ready for them to get back in the routine but also it kind of dipping your toes in the water,” he said.

Second grade teacher Melissa Thomas said she’s not scared about her kids coming back.

“I understand that health-wise, safety-wise there are things that we have to do and they are certain people that will have to make certain kind of choices but it’s so great for them to be in the classroom so we can give them that one on one instruction,” she said.

She said with some of the kids already in summer school, they'll be better prepared for any new changes in August.

“Just getting those kids used to, if we ever have to do anything, used to going online, how to learn, how to be successful and how to get different resources that we’re providing,” she said.

As for Crowell, he said their number one goal is to be proactive and transparent as the fall semester approaches.

“To help ease as many uncomfortable feelings, as many uncomfortable feeling students or families would have; and that also includes staff members,” he said.

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