Extreme heat could kill your car battery

Extreme heat could impact vehicle batteries

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - When you think of dead car batteries, you might think of winter time, but extreme heat can kill your battery too.

“Right now, we’re doing a lot of battery replacements,” Matt Seyer said.

Matt Seyer, owner of Seyers Garage, said he’s selling a lot of batteries right now to people who break down on the road.

“Unfortunately, a lot of batteries now die in a minute,” Seyer said.

He said modern features like backup cameras, screens and computers in newer vehicles use more battery power than you might think.

“A lot of times, they’ll give you a warning, your cars starting to be sluggish when you try to crank on it in the mornings and other times you go to the grocery store, come back out with your groceries and its dead,” Seyer said.

Seyer also said something as simple as blasting your AC can put a strain on your battery.

“Your air conditioners running, you pull a lot of power out of it and it just puts an extra load on it like days like today when it’s extremely hot,” he said.

Seyer said your car won’t always show you warning signs of a faulty battery so it’s good to start running tests on it after three years. If you see corrosion, he recommended getting it checked.

He said most auto shops will run a battery test when your car gets serviced.

“You probably need to get it tested every six months or so,” he said.

Seyer recommended you change your car battery every three to four years and keep it clean the best you can.

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