Southeast Missouri seeing more job positions opening up

Job centers filling 950+ positions

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As you drive through town, you may see some “Now Hiring” signs at businesses.

That’s because more companies are opening up more positions for job opportunity, which shows a rebound from the recent unemployment spike due to COVID-19 months ago.

Several Missouri Job Centers across the state are also reopening their doors to the public over the last week to help individuals help them with employment opportunities.

Workforce Development Board of Southeast Missouri President and CEO June O’Dell said the 13 counties they cover have more than 500 job orders and 954 job positions open.

She said it’s a great time to find a job right now and try to get back to some type of normalcy as unemployment benefit checks will end shortly.

“We are all aware that these folks need to get back to work,” O’Dell said. “They need their benefits, they need their insurance, they need that 40-hour check, because this extra $600 expires this Friday, the 25th of July.”

We spoke with Rhonye Lincoln who was getting help at the job center in Cape Girardeau. His goal is to get a job so he can have some solid living quarters. However, he is still concerned about COVID-19.

"I'm still worried about the virus that is going on," Lincoln said. "With those jobs still coming, that's still very much on my brain about the virus. But as jobs pick up, it will help everything get back to normal and that would be good for everybody."

For Lincoln, the time is ticking on the unemployment checks he is receiving. He hopes to get some type of job soon or else things might become even more difficult.

"It hit us hard going with the virus and everything," Lincoln said. "Getting back to normal is what everybody is trying to get back to and me personally, we've been under water but we've been making it."

Job centers in Kennett, Park Hills, Sikeston and Cape Girardeau are now open for help; however, they are still keeping online services going at

O'Dell said the site will also host an online virtual job fair on July 22 with roughly 560 employers statewide.

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