City of Cape to decide future of ‘yield to pedestrian’ signs

Pedestrian crossing sign debate

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - If you spend time in downtown Cape Girardeau, you’re familiar with the pedestrian crossing signs on Broadway.

The city council decided on Monday the broken signs will not be replaced. Instead, they will be removed in about 10 weeks, as normal, for winter.

The council will discuss how it will be replaced later in the year.

“Throughout the time we’ve had people that liked them and people who don’t,” said Scott Meyer, Cape Girardeau city manager.

Meyer is talking about the yield signs along Broadway.

”Our council asked us to do a study and look at the cost and the speed limit and speeds and things like that,” he said.

Meyer said this is what the study found.

“So, the signs aren’t really affecting the speed,” he said. “There have been a couple pedestrian accidents. Those have been mid-block accidents, so they are not crossing at where the signs are, and the signs cost about $4,000 dollars.”

People have not been shy in letting the city know how they feel about the signs.

“Some people just don’t like the looks of them, and I can understand that. Some people feel like they impede turning traffic and we can understand that. Certainly, other people feel like it’s an extra level of protection for pedestrians as they cross,” he said

Old Town Cape had a goal for the signs.

”One of our transformational strategies as an organization is creating a pedestrian friendly environment and we feel that those signs really fulfill that goal,” said Liz Haynes, executive director of Old Town Cape.

Haynes said before the signs went up, it was hard for some shoppers.

”We had complaints from some of our downtown businesses that that was happening. That some of the folks visiting their businesses were really kind of struggling to get across the street,” she said.

Haynes said people deserve to feel safe downtown.

“We want folks to visit our downtown community, stay awhile and feel safe while doing so and the signage really accomplishes that and ensures the quality of life in our downtown community,” she said.

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